Registration Fees
Early Registration ( by 01 March 2019)
Late Registration  (by 11 March 2019)
Academic Staff

400  Turkish Liras

475 Turkish Liras

Teachers and Students

300 Turkish Liras

 375 Turkish Liras

Virtual Presentation

250 Turkish Liras

275 Turkish Liras


150 Turkish Liras

Bank Accounts for Transfer

Bank Name Halk Bankası
BranchAfyon (Kocatepe) -1433
NameHakan Şen
IBANTR93 0001 2001 4330 0009 1006 27
Account Number09100627

The name, surname and the submission id of the person who will make the presentation should be written in the note part. Example:Name_Surname_SubmissionID.

Please also send your receipt to 


  • The prices include VAT.
  • The participants can submit two abstracts. For each extra paper after two, the participants are required to pay  75 Turkish Liras.
  • The cerfiticate of attendance will be given to the participants who pay the registration fee and present their studies at the congress. The certificate of attendance will also be provided for the virtual presentations. However, the congress package will not be sent as its expenses are excluded from the registration fee.
  • The participants who do not stay at the hotel, should pay 50 Turkish Liras as “Hotel Entrance Fee (including lunch and snacks)”. The ones who do not pay this fee cannot be accepted to the congress even if they registered for the congress.
  • There will not be reimbursement of the fees after 11 March 2019. The participants are supposed to take their own actions for the accommodation due to the fluctuation of the hotel prices because of late reservation.
 Accommodation Prices at MCG Çakmak Thermal Resort
1 person in 3-person shared room

 – TL

1 person in 2-person shared room

160 Turkish Liras

Single use in 2-person room

190 Turkish Liras

Daily entrance

50 Turkish Liras


  • The reservation fee will not be reimbursed in case a cancellation.
  • The participants should write the recipient as MCG Çakmak Thermal Hotel and the explanation as Name-Surname ICSE Accommodation Cost. The participants who do not get an acceptance will be removed from the reservation list.
  • The participants who do not stay at the hotel can pay the entrance fee by writing the recipient as MCG Çakmak Thermal Hotel and the explanation as Name-Surname ICSE Entrance Fee.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with Ms. Seda Günay from or  +905539101073 with the title of our conference.
  • Accommodation Account Details: MCG Çakmak Thermal Hotel, Halkbank Organize Sanayi Branch (Branch code: 189)
  • IBAN: TR92 0001 2009 1890 0010 2608 82